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Design Weekly #28

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Welcome to Design Weekly 28, a quick rundown of the most interesting products, articles and other cool design-related things from throughout the week 😀.

Design News

Skip Rebrand

Image Credit: Underconsideration

Hoodzpah Design have launched a compelling rebrand of Skip. Skip is an app that allows the scanning and payment of supermarket products from a customer’s phone without the need for queuing.

While the old logo was certainly fit for purpose and featured a fast-forward button that tied in with the name, it was quite bland and didn’t really stand out.

Image Credit: Hoodzpah Design

The new identity is unique and really fun, the mascot helps the company be more memorable and creates an association with familiarity. The designers have also used illustrations that are reminiscent of old cartoons, this is important when considering the target audience will largely be made up of families.

Design Gal Resources

Christine Maggi has made, a site which lists a bunch of useful resources. It covers design fundamentals, tools, career advice and more.

The information is great but it’s all just links to 3rd party content (lots of which are articles right here on Medium) which means it didn’t really need to be a full site and could have been contained in a Google doc or a blog post but it helps Christine promote her brand so we understand why it’s a site.

Overall it’s a decent collection of resources and worth a look, it should also receive regular updates, making it a good site to refer back to.

Surface Go Doesn’t Suck

Image Credit: Booredatwork

Microsoft’s brand new smaller and cheaper Surface is available now. The review embargo has been lifted and they’re pretty decent. The Verge called it an overachiever, Dave Lee said it was one of the best Windows products he’s used and Tom’s Hardware were big fans of its size and build quality.

High points include the solid and elegant build, small size, amazing webcam (better than almost all premium laptops) and good screen for its price.

The low points are the 6–7 hour battery life and the low-end CPU, it struggles when carrying out more intensive work.

Playing AAA games (you’ll have to make do with indie, old or less demanding recent games) or rendering complex 3D models with lots of layers is out of the question but I think this device would probably work fine for most everyday coding or design tasks and would be excellent when note taking, drawing and video conferencing. It’s form factor makes it a near-perfect student device and a decent one to consider for everyone else who creates, just bear in mind its limitations.

Cool Work From Behance

TypeGeist Posters by Anthony Neil Dart
Forest Canyon by Yuan Liu
Character Illustration by Seung UK Hong
Peiway by Eugeniusz Eudokimow

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