Design Weekly #3

Featuring F1 Rebrand, Designer Salary Forecast and Shillington Student Showcase

F1 Rebrand

Image Credit: F1

Formula 1 have replaced their iconic Carter Wong designed logo with a new one alongside three typefaces from the team at Wieden + Kennedy London. This is a tricky one to critique as the clever use of negative space and the longeveity of the old design make it stand out as a fantastic logo.

We should appreciate the hard work and time that was put in to create the new logo, but it just doesn’t communicate F1 to me. Despite the red colour and streamlined lines suggesting speed, if I seen it out of context without knowing what it was I’d have no idea what it was supposed to be.

Old Logo

With any rebrand it might be perceived better as time passes but right now it seems like a huge downgrade, there’s even a gallery of unsolicited redesigns of the redesign by unhappy designers.

On a more positive note, the typography is based on old motorsport fonts and look quite good.

Image Credit: F1

2018 Designer Salary Forecast

Image Credit: The Creative Group

Muzli have compiled a handy article on UX designer salaries for 2018 via data from The Creative Group. The forecast shows a wide salary gap for more experienced designers, a UX Designer with 10 years experience can expect up to treble the annual salary of a junior.

They also included a chart of the top 10 creative jobs to watch in 2018, with Marketing analytics manager and UX designer commanding the highest earnings. The good news is design jobs continue to grow in demand, so there’s never been a better time to be a part of the industry or start learning.

Shillington Student Showcase

Image Credit: Shillington

Shillington have shared a bunch of new projects from their students online and they’re pretty damn good — like really good. We’ve seen a rise in design bootcamps and short courses in recent years as opposed to the traditional 4 years of university.

Shillington offer 3 month or 9 month courses in six major cities worldwide, worth considering if your thinking about doing a design course.

Facebook AI deploys suicide prevention system

Image Credit: Facebook Careers

Suicide sadly takes the lives of around 1 million people per year. To try and combat this huge global problem, Facebook are using AI to scan profiles to predict who is at risk. Employees will then send advice to families and friends or contact health services for the most urgent cases.

Sounds like an idea with good intentions behind it but surely will raise privacy concerns with user data being used for such a sensitive issue. If it saves lives it’s hard to argue though.

Apple shows they’re down with the cool cats in new animoji karaoke centered spot

Image Credit: Apple

The social media fad features prominently in a new iPhone X campaign. The campaign features a range of videos highlighting unique things users can do with their new phone. They aren’t essential features by any means but we can’t deny the street credability factor, at least for the time being.

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