3. decode, modules and data about data?

This week was almost like a little breather from all the work we had done during our second assessment where we had to actually code our conversational agent. We spent the first day on the studio working on our conversational agent. We also learnt how to read and write data files and methods which both proved to be super helpful in our code for S.A.L because we used files to provide information about facilitators and functions to perform the task of sending emails! 
We also watched a compilation of various movies and video clips where AI had been used in the past, to show us what the future would look like and I thought that was a really nice touch to the class because it almost instilled video based learning and gave us a different perspective and maybe some hints to improve our conversations as well.

The second day of studio was a bliss in disguise because we were told because of all the work we put into our A2, we were given the next day off and there were cheers all around! 
We mostly touched upon the concept of ‘meta’ which to explain in basic terms would be data about data? For eg. our class Programming as A Design Tool for Prototyping was discussing about the class itself and ways to learn Programming As a Design Tool for Prototyping, which was quite cool. During the meta class, all of us tried to solve various different coding questions and some students got into a discussion with the facilitators as to how we can make students who are presumably doing coding for the first time understand the concepts and the language much better so that they are able to take the same set functions and operators and statements and apply that in any context and think with logic.

Overall, this week was a comparatively chilled out studio which all of needed because of all the work we put into our second assignment and it was great!