An afternoon siesta!

After the first two weeks of hectic work, this week had been relatively less stressful. It felt like we had time to explore things on our own which worked out really well for us, as each one of us had time to grasp what we had learnt in the past weeks. Some new functions were introduced, but that was about it.

It also happened to be my birthday on the 9th of August, and the studio that day had something special to offer. While we were watching a compilation of videos to look at how machine learning and AI as a whole are shown in movies plus how robots are getting closer to getting human like characteristics, a small snippet of fireworks and some emojis came up on the screen. Everyone was pretty confused, and then a birthday wish pooped up on the screen, which was followed by a lot of cheering. It was something that really made my day and I couldn’t thank my friends and facilitators enough for this beautiful gesture.

One of the things which I really like about this studio is how we have these small quizzes and puzzles which makes us think and apply code in various ways. Co-incidentally, we also had a logical problem related to birthdays on the 9th which was very intriguing. All these exercises teach us that it’s not just about learning coding in a linear way, it’s also about learning how to apply logic and to know how to get the desired output in relation to our project.

Looking at other people’s code and understanding what tools they used to achieve their output opened up a lot of doors for all of us. We started imagining how we could use similar tools to enhance the experience of the user for our project.

The so called ‘meta class’ was also about writing the code for the given output. It was very interesting as there are so many ways the same output can be achieved, and it’s about which is the smartest and the shortest one. After this class, I tried to practice how to use new functions and make the code of our much smarter and shorter.