Closing in to the end

Another week down and we are closer to the end of the studio and thus closer to the final prototype of our chatbot, Talko.

This week was quite a bit of coding and that was a much needed aspect. I realized that I thought I knew the code, but eventually had to learn it from scratch as what I thought would work, wasn’t giving me my expected results. My team mate, Srushti helped a lot in regards to understanding the basic logic of coding and soon, I was good to go!

This week, we also saw a compilation of a few clippings from movies that have AI and conversational bots in them. Out of all the brilliant clips, the one that left a long lasting impression on me were the clips from the movie, Her (2013).

A man who downloads an AI onto his computer and then slowly opens up to it and eventually develops feelings for it? That’s something that honestly made me question the future and contemplate this scenario. This might be very much possible soon in the future, given that there are already advancements in AI and robotics has also gone to the length of now having fully functional sex bots.

I’m glad we got an extended deadline in regards to finishing the code for Talko as Srushti and I wanted to get things as perfect as we could. A3 is going to be all about making Talko seem more refined and have it more functional than what it currently is, and though I’m a little tired of all the code code code, I’m sure we’ll pull through and make Talko a successful final prototype!