Coding our first ChatBot .

On Thursday, August 9th, I completed programming our very own ChatBot. This is also when that I knew I should take programming as a serious skill and not to only learn the basics but to learn it deeply as well. In the limited time and skills , I needed tutorials and other online resources to count. It gave me a serious confidence boost when I was able to implement what I learned and also venture out on my own. They say that real learning happens when you develop your own projects and in PDTP, I was able to see this change.

I did struggl through many errors and problems that I couldn’t figure out. I remember feeling overwhelmed but I thought to myself, “What am I doing wrong and what does the error mean?”. I did feel a sense of frustration and anxiousness but eventually I learnt to embrace the pain of programming. A programme would not always run bug-free. I have learnt to lower my expectations on how fast I can understand a concept and learn how code a project. It takes time and a constant reminder to yourself that “try again, it will work”. I have found a way to use this mindset and always stay positive through the hardships that come with programming(and with life).

Coding is not the most easiest thing, but it’s achievable if you are observant and logical. You just need to put your brain to it. In the starting, it was tough, but as I started getting the hang of it, I felt an increase of my abilities. I started exploring options in Python, different logics to write the same programme. This way I was able to apply more concepts that I hadn’t learnt in class. Eventually the end result was not a full bug-free reward but it was the experience and struggle that came out of it.

We saw a series of 13 movie clips, casting an advance and futuristic conversational agents. The vision for the advancement in Chatbots and human-computer interactions have found a role for these conversational bots to play powerful and entertaining protagonists in these movies. Some innovative concepts depicted in the movies showed that AI technology existed before today’s modern computing. The hypothesis born over the last two decades or even before, that a machine could perform reasoningly on par that of a human being was born in the realm of science fiction. With today’s advancement and growth in computer science, this has become a tangible reality. The objective, that these chatbots have to maintain now is to create meaningful personal interactions with the users.