Deceptive code

Coding is NOT a joke. You try, try and keep trying until you are tired of seeing the ERROR on your screen. You then ask the people around. Then you call some of your friends who supposedly know Python but prove to be useless at such critical times. Then you watch an hour long Youtube video to find out that the error was nothing but a colon. Bright side — the code works and it does some minute actions, well not what I had in mind for a Friday night.

A screen filled with symbols and syntaxes has always been intimidating. It is the fact of life — intimidation is born out of fear of the unknown. After 3 weeks of Python, I can say that I am no longer intimidated by code. Rather, I am quite curious about it. The video played in class about the various chatbots and technology aided to the curiosity.

After reading the paper by Peter Norwig, I was quite stunned as to see how he portrayed the learning of code for ten years and more to be such a fun process. I realise how extensive the area of programming is. With movies that are imagining futures with human destructions by AI and ML, it is extremely thrilling to know that on some level that it is possible. With the speedy development of technology, there is no doubting that no sooner than later will we be presented by a bot that will pass the Turing test. It is obviously a scary yet exciting thought.

With just a tad bit of knowledge in coding, I can say that I am really excited to present the prototype of SHIO.

A little learning is a dangerous thing. ~ Alexander Pope

Well, clearly I have very little understanding of this vast subject but the curiosity is what that drives me to learn more.