I am AI

The third week started out with a compilation of movie clips relating to the use of AI in movies. I really enjoyed the clips because of how interesting they were. The clips of existing AIs were incredibly interesting, because it’s amazing to see how far we’ve come in terms of technology in the last two decades. Although we’re still really far from what we imagined the future to be in 2020 ten years ago, our technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. It was also great to see the different ways in which our interactions with machines could develop. After the class, I had a look at some more clips to see the ways in which people had imagined our interactions with AIs — both good and bad.

The prototyping was harder than I expected because I’m not familiar with the language. I ended up learning the most in this week since I spent so much time coding. The meta class on Friday was really helpful, because it gave me a better understanding of how well I knew Python and whether my basics were clear or not. I look forward to receiving feedback on my prototype so that I can get to work on improving it and increasing the user interaction.

While I was initially skeptical of how this class would go, I am happy with the progress I have made. I have a much more proficient in Python than I was a week ago, and the feedback I received through the exhibition really helped me while coding for the prototype.