OrderBot in progress

In the third week, we had to code an entire app and simultaneously work on the prototypes for our Monday- Tuesday class, a lot of stuff was going on. It very hectic and stressful but at the same time it was very exciting and informative, I learnt a lot in this week.

As we were working on our code, I realize that coding an entire app is a very difficult task. Dealing with one aspect and then coding it is very easy but when you have to deal with a lot of conditions and parameters it gets tough. I learnt a lot because of this assignment. While we were coding, we tried to make our OrderBot less mechanical and more conversational. We achieved it to some extent but we need to make it more natural. In our next assignment we will mainly focus on the conversational aspect of it because now the conversation with OrderBot is a bit short.

The small clips of the movies dealing with AI were very inspirational and fun. The concepts that these movies portray inspired me to think out of the box rather than thinking conventionally- for a while I just stopped thinking about the practicality of the concept and thought how OrderBot could change the whole experience of ordering food.

Getting to know how the other groups have coded their app really helped us. It helped us to understand how we can code similar things in many different ways. It also helped us to understand some new codes that deal with audios and other things.

Third week has been a hectic and a wonderful week and I am looking forward to a more hectic and more exciting week.