Reflection (Week — 3)

Starting this week slow in terms of work was a really nice change. We started by watching movies including elements of AI in them. In these movies AI was shown in both, positive and negative, perspectives. Understanding how AI could potentially make or destroy the future really gives a insight as to how we might be focused on creating something complex and conscious and how we might/might not be able keep the consequences of creating something like this in mind.

Next to this after this we refreshed our concepts and skills in python in order to keep track of what we were learning and how our progress is going.

It was good for me to have such a session since having a bad memory, I tend to forget minute concepts from time to time, which this sessions really helped in avoiding.

Following that having a “meta-class” really introduced me to the concept itself and made me realize the importance of it all. According to my understanding meta in its crux means “studying about studying” or something that might be in sorts self-referential. T have a class like this turned out to be interesting since it was a new experience.

All-in-all this week really strengthened my earlier concepts and skills along with giving me a new insight as to how badly well-made and complex AI or Conversational Agents can turn out.