SHIO: In the making!

I found this week of the course the most challenging, interesting and educational one yet, personally. Mostly because I feel like I have learnt quite a lot with respect to Python. I pushed myself quite a bit to understand some things to figure out different levels we could make use of in our project. I definitely don’t know everything, but I’m certainly more confident now than I was when I first started this class. The progress our group has made, with the given assignments has been pretty cool/remarkable in our standards. I do wish I could take the Level 2 and 3 that will be the continuation of this course, but unfortunately, I won’t be here for that.

However, I will still do my bit from where ever I am, and keep pestering our faculty for help when I encounter problems with code or need their advice on things.

We were able to up our game quite a bit in class, and that also raised the expectations of our facilitators and now because of that, we hope to do something to make our project better than it is right now. We had to figure a lot of stuff out on our own, looked at many YouTube videos, for explanations and understanding. Showing our code in class, we got positive feedback, mostly because we ventured into an area that none of the others did. We were just trying to make our prototype as real and as close to the actual chat-bot we created in our minds. There’s still a lot more to be done, so we hope we are able to carry out our own goals for this project.

We started framing the way we wanted our conversation to flow with the Chat-bot and hence had an idea and plan etched in our minds to then carry out the code. Encountering a few errors ensured that similar mistakes wouldn’t be made and we were able to do a substantial amount. Even though it took us quite a while to figure out certain things, we still did them and didn’t neglect those parts of our code; the chat-bot actually speaking with the user. We are focused on completing the work, and now that I’m learning so much, I feel that fear of coding is diminishing more and more as the days go by.

We realized that we needed to adhere more to the conversational part of our code and not the game part of it. Even though we still want to focus on the game, we will keep the conversational aspect a priority and once we have that down in this coming week and we have more time on our hands, then we could work on the game part of the project. So far, it’s been really exhausting, but I’m glad I took this course, because I didn’t think I’d learn so much in such a short time. I’m still having trouble with certain for loops, but I’m going to work on this. I’m eager to see the final outcome of our project.