Very Friendly

This week was focused largely on revising the concepts we learnt in the previous classes and linking them with messages we see around us, for example in movies. It was really interesting to watch a number of clips from different movies, both old and new, and how people have visualized and imagined artificial intelligence. Some of them were actually quite creepy and i hope that isn’t the kind of future we are heading towards. Technology is really great till the point that it starts replacing the real relationships we have, I think. Watching all these different examples of AI also gave me a few ideas about how to go about our chatbot. For example the bot in the movie Her really worried me because of how familiar and friendly it was from the very start, a very unnatural thing in actual relationships. It made me decide that we should make sure that our chatbot falls somewhere between friendly and formal, not too much of either.

There was also a lot of practicing of concepts by trying so solve some exercises, which I’m sad to say I wasn’t able to follow much. What’s worse is that it’s my own fault because I really havent been practicing what we have done so far, an old habit of mine. However I really do want to learn how to code as Iknow it will help me think in so many new ways, so I am slowly trying to catch up . Slowly.