Let Love Rule

On Saturday, Melissa and I went to the movies for a much-needed work break. We intentionally chose a funny film (“Girls’ Trip” — hysterical, by the way!) so we could escape and laugh.

Right before we left, I saw a report of what was happening in Charlottesville, VA. That people were screaming at each other, beating one another. And that someone raced down a crowded street in his car, sending bodies flying and ultimately killing a young woman.

I was flooded with rage, sadness, fear, disgust, and shock. It was as if all of these emotions had been blended together and injected into my veins.

I immediately wanted someone to blame. I wanted to identify a “them.” Anything to not have to feel what I was feeling.

I do my best to live by the edict of treating others how I’d like to be treated. I practice random acts of kindness. When someone pushes my buttons, I send them love and blessings (ok, maybe after cursing them out in my mind).

I try to hold onto the belief that deep down, everyone is good. That it’s hurt people who hurt people.

But then I see footage like what I saw yesterday and my resolve is challenged, to say the least.

And while it can sound frivolous to call my emotions “clutter,” that’s exactly what they are. And like any other kind of clutter, there’s a lesson to be learned or a message to be heard.

Although I’m still uncovering them, I know one is to let myself feel whatever comes up. To give myself permission to be pissed off because I know anger is the doorway to pain which is the doorway to healing.

I remind myself that people are taught to hate, and thus they can be taught to love.

As such, I’ll continue to do my best, despite new challenges every day, to operate from a place of love. To feel my anger, but not “at” anyone. And to offer a different perspective when someone comes at me with hate.

Instead of expecting myself to immediately take the high spiritual road, I allow myself the journey of getting there.

Even if that means being surprised with tears rolling down my cheeks as I wait in the popcorn line at the theater.

It can feel futile at times because I am just one person so I am asking anyone who reads this, to please do the same. As best you can. As often as you can.

“Let love rule.” — Lenny Kravitz

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