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Canvas fits into the creative workflow—sketch and ideate, start building an experience, then refine and iterate.

Canvas: how we crafted Facebook’s new immersive ads

Introducing Canvas

Gatorade’s Canvas ad

Giving people control of their mobile ad experience is good. Assuring they have a rewarding ad experience is even better.

  1. Brands are still trying to figure out mobile
  2. Agency designers found Facebook too creatively restrictive

Before putting mouse to pixel, understand the problem and embrace collaboration with other teams that can help define it.

Canvas design principles from an early-stage meeting in November 2014

As a designer, your role morphs and shifts as the product evolves. Don’t be afraid to evolve with it—different stages require different approaches.

Our initial authoring tool
Current production version of the Canvas Builder

A product MVP should never sacrifice the user experience for expediency. It should set the product up well for continued refinements along with opportunities to adapt and extend.

Many thanks to Jessica Watson, Austin Bales, Adam Berger, Chris Jones, Ji Lee, Mark D’Arcy, Jeff Gipson, Claire Mulhern, Linda Xiong, Krishna Vudata, Blaise DiPersia, Julie Zhuo, Fidji Simo, Chris Cox, Ali Griffin, Jackie Rutherford, Zack Hendlin, Mike Manning, and the many other people that touched this project throughout its development.



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