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Using Parse to power up your Framer prototypes.

Part One — The Basics of Data


Unfortunately as of Jan. 28th, 2016, Parse is no longer accepting new users and the service will sunset on Jan 28th, 2017.

Part One — The Basics

This is what we’ll be trying to build in this guide.

What is Parse?




Let’s get started.

Get an account

Grab your keys

Plan your data

Create your class

Note: Column names are case-sensitive, so be sure you are consistent. I prefer to use camel case (i.e. likeCount vs LikeCount) and that is how the code in this guide is written.

Integrate with Framer

<script src=""></script>
Check out line 18, that’s where we added the Parse Javascript SDK.

Write a query

Be sure to read the comments to see exactly what we’re doing here.
Ugly, but awesome!

High five!

Write some data back

Again, make sure you read through the comments!

Keep going

Explore the finished project



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