Design Thinking, Design Making

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UXStudio hosts a number of events in Design Bootcamp Asia, including a Design Thinking Workshop that allows participants to experience hands-on problem solving, and real-world situations.

Design thinking is sometimes referred to as creative-confidence, or human-centered design. At its core its a simple set of behaviors that, when practiced, can enable innovative results in every part of a company.

Learn by doing.

In order to promote this maxim, UXStudio has designed an action-packed, half-day workshop that includes a great deal of hands-on work. You’ll be guided at your tables by our design thinking facilitator, Julee, and will have the opportunity for 1-on-1 consultations.

During the four hour fundamental course you will be introduced to three key design thinking behaviors: empathize, diverge + converge, and iterate. These steps illustrate the Double Diamond Approach.

The approach is broken down into four steps: Discover, Define, Design, Deliver. The first step is to empathize: engage with customers in order to uncover their needs and thoughts. The second step is to bounce between generating many ideas and using frames to selectively advance. The third step is to design multiple iterations and receive feedback to constantly improve the product. The final step is to deliver a product that will be well received by customers.

You will then have the chance to exercise a few practical tools that you can take back and use with your teams. Together, these behaviors and tools can help you to unlock the innovation potential on your teams and apply it to the toughest business challenges you may face.

Expect it to feel different, Expect it to be fast-paced. And, to HAVE FUN!

There will be partner work, group work, discussions and presentations. You will be presented with a business problem and it is your job to think of a creative solution and bring a prototype to life.

Julee joins the discussion

Our last workshop had participants design a breakfast experience tailored to their partner’s preferences. The workshop started with a talk detailing what exactly design thinking is, the steps and how-to’s of conducting a successful interview, and going about designing an end-product. Everyone was able to develop a creative solution unique to themselves. Our faciliator, Julee, discussed and provided guidance for each group, resulting in interesting and innovative products.

One such solution developed into a prototype!

There’s more. Continue your learning journey with the Innovate through Design Thinking: Hands-on Workshop (Immersive Course). Bring your own business challenges and receive guidance in problem solving through the basics learned in part 1 fundamentals.

The workshop is geared towards designers, design enthusiasts, entrepreneurs for startups, and/or intrapreneurs at corporate, at any level with varied years of experience.

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