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Constraint and Better-Done-Than-Perfect

My last blog post was on the 11th of March 2016. Around 1 year and 4 months ago. I could’ve written so many excuses, especially with building my own design consulting, mentoring startups from around the world, and some other activities as a Google Expert and Google Mentor for Google Launchpad Accelerator program, but then I realised this morning, it’s more about constraint and better-done-than-perfect thing. I didn’t put constraint to my writing activity, like what I’m doing now: I put on a timer for 7 minutes. I need to publish a post in 7 minutes. Before, I always had some plans in my mind: do some research first, collect my previous works, get some case studies, etc. In the end, I went to bed without writing any post. I’m promoting better-done-than-perfect process in my work and mentoring, but I don’t quite practising it for writing. I got 15 seconds left. That’s it. I’m gonna post this now.




Design, Leadership, and Innovation.

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