Rest is required to hustle.

I recently got back from a trip in Oregon.

There, my focus was renewed. I realized, rest is essential to focus. Focus is essential to profitable hustle.

We hustle so much that sometimes we don’t know where we’re going, and if we even want to go where we’re going.

Rest is the reset. Rest is the evaluation. It clears your head, renews your focus, and allows you to hustle in the right direction.

Hard work is admirable, but not innately. Hard work is only admirable if it is for the pursuit of something good. Surely we can regard past dictators as hard-working men. Surely we wouldn’t say their work was good! No, we’d cry injustice.

Working hard alone is not enough. Rest helps focus your efforts and build confidence that you’re doing the right thing, not just pushing.

So, rest tonight, take vacations, and mix up the routine!

That’s all for today, — PA