Stop calling Designers “Talent”

People are the true resource

One of the biggest issues with on-demand services and networks alike is that they treat their human-run workforce, well…not quite like humans!

For Uber and it’s many clones, the economics are so tough that they often have to squeeze every penny out of their drivers. They even employ teams to manipulate their drivers into taking more rides.

Where, along the line, did networks stop treating people like people but more like machines?

I recently watched “Hidden Figures” wherein a group of african-american women were instrumental in getting astronauts to space. They were oddly called “computers” and used as such: to check math and calculate complex functions.

This struck me because not only were they restricted to the “colored” floor and “colored” bathrooms, they were referred to as computers, a seemingly cold, in-human title.

This is what we see happening amongst networks today. Drivers are just drivers, grocery shoppers are just taskers, designers and devs are just talent.

So, I’ve decided to stop calling my designers “talent.” I’ve stopped pretending that designers are just people with this abstract ability that I can sell off like a prostitute to the highest bidder.

They can’t be replaced by a computer or ai. They’re people with hunches, nuanced inclinations, and intuition. They’re unique-minded, hard-working, craftsman!

The most valuable thing about DesignCue are my people, my designers! Without them, I have nothing!

With them, I have a depth of skill and understanding. I have a relaible workforce and passionate makers. I have creators, visionaries, and hard-workers!

That’s what true networks are made of, people not machines!