The Top 5 Google Sans Serif Typefaces

A review of the most used fonts

Google Fonts houses the best collection of open source typefaces on the web. Google Fonts works with designers around the world to publish quality fonts that can be easily embedded in a website or app. Below is a review of the top 5 Sans Serif Typefaces.

Open Sans

Open Sans is the go to Humanist web font for designers that want a great substitute to Tahoma. The 897 character set was designed with an upright stress, open forms and a neutral, yet friendly appearance. It comes in many different weights and styles from light to Extra-Bold Italic.


Roboto has a bit of a mechanical and geometric feel. It also has a friendly side to it with its curves that make for relaxed reading. The best thing about this font is that it comes with relatives including Roboto Condensed and Roboto Slab.


Lato has a bit of a chip on its shoulder. Rumor has it that it was originally rejected by some large multinational corporation despite it being sleek and elegant. Lato’s early childhood trauma was quickly soothed by the millions who now employ it on their websites and apps to convey warmth and seriousness.

Source Sans Pro

Adobe’s first open source typeface family seems to be subtly taking over interfaces. I think this will become the most popular web typeface in the next couple years.


Use this font if you are designing for an elegant fashion brand or your rich cousin’s wedding (I don’t think I have a rich cousin). It was originally created in one weight that was super thin and has since developed a full family.

I am really looking forward to the release of future Google Fonts. I encourage you to rummage through the hundreds of fresh faces and use them in your next project.