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New year, new adventures

I’m super excited to take on this new challenge as Managing Director for

For those of you not familiar with Designed, it’s a 501(c)(3) non-profit that focuses on bringing design education and mentorship to all.

This is really close to my heart for many reasons. Growing up in Spain, the closest option to become a web designer was to get into Graphic Design. But that didn’t only disappoint my family (“artists don’t make money!”) but also the professors’ since they considered that my drawing skills were so bad (they still are), that I would never make a living as a designer. They even suggested I “go study something else” on multiple occasions.

I’m stubborn, though, and never liked the idea of quitting something just based on someone else’s opinion. So when I finished the Graphic Design bachelor, I moved to a different country to kick off my design career as a UX intern. But, sadly, I never got any good mentorship or guidance. Part of that was the fact that I didn’t understand what “good career guidance” was. That ended up leading me into decisions that didn’t work in my favor, and into attracting the wrong opportunities.

I had to learn everything I know the hard way: through trial and error. It’s not a bad way to learn, but it’s definitely not the most efficient or pleasant either.

So today, with this new position, I’m excited to make available to others what wasn’t available to me, so we can stop stumbling onto the same roadblocks, and we start taking our careers — and the digital experiences — to the next level instead.

Our Plans for 2021

We have so many exciting things planned out for 2021. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Improvement on the mentorship experience. We will make it easier to find the mentors (and mentees) that best suit your experience, interests, and goals.
  • More and better FREE resources to self-manage your design career. Because your career is yours, and you deserve to be empowered to make the best decisions for yourself.
  • A brand new website that reflects our updated vision, mission, and values.

Excited too? Get involved!

Follow Designed on your preferred networks (LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter) or directly connect with me on LinkedIn to stay tuned!



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