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Athreya Chidambi
Jan 10, 2019 · 2 min read
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Interact Digital, the parent company who’s product ezo, helps companies work closely with their market partners needed a digital presence in terms of identity, a website and a web applications (responsive).

Initially we started creating a brand identity for Interact Digital. Minimal design with simplicity.

Learn: The first process in creating the identity was to learn more about the business. Collaboration/ Interaction was key to the business. This interaction was cloud based and involved small business establishments and people e.g. field executives, who are always on the move.

The logo: The need was something that was easy to read and replicable in plain text so it was easy to recreate without professional help and doesn’t degrade when created for presentations and so on.

Colours: A formal yet playful palette was chosen to go with the parent brand, which carried through to ezo.

Iconography: Simple line icons were used with text so that they were easy to recognised by people on the field.

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Illustration: Used a mix of flat 2D and isometric style of illustration using hues and tones from the primary palette. Illustrations had a human element interacting with a tool of communication. These were used in both digital and print.

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Illustrations for Interact Digital and its product Ezo

Ezo: Ezo helps build stronger relationships between companies & their
market partners using digital technology in real-time. It caters specifically to the Pharma industry, digitising processes which were primarily recorded by hand. The solution built was a responsive web application that would update data real-time so that companies could make informative decisions looking at activities of their field agents and partners.

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Ezo web application Copyright interact digital

Thank you for reading!

All digital assets remain copyright of interact design.
Software used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch
Responsive Web App

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