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Athreya Chidambi
Jan 23, 2019 · 2 min read

About June last year we at Vidyanext took a decision to create a quiz app to replace our existing Learn app. Why quizzes? There’s enough research done, on quizzing that suggests show how beneficial they are. Given the primary user as children, quizzes were a quick way to revise.

QuizNext was born with the primary aim of making learning fun through quizzes in Maths and Science.

Our team first validated certain scenarios with our users (age group 9–14) with other quiz apps to get insights in to what frustrates them, what part of gamification do they like / don’t, what additional features did they want, how often would they come back to the app and so on.

Taking these insights, some relevant content from our Learn app and insights from the business we created our MVP (Minimum Viable Product). User flows, rough wireframes and a product road map created to get approval.

Initial workflows

By the end of July we were ready to launch our app. We set targets of 1000 downloads by the end of the month. Part of this was going to be achieved by running an internal referral campaign to get the numbers. Our analytics were a bit skewed but it served one main purposes. That employees would gain more knowledge of the app we were marketing and us selling the concept of a quiz app to people we know made us more confident of our product.

By November we had more than 10k downloads, without a big marketing spend like some of our competitors. Clearly there was something to quiz based revision/learning apps. Here are highlighted some of the app features.

Available on the Playstore

QuizNext by numbers (Nov-Dec 2018):

Registrations: 12K +
Active daily users: 100+
Practices & challenges completed: 50K+
Links shared from app: 4K+

Built on React Native (animations done in AE and exported via Lottie framework to JSON files)

All content a property of QuizNext. Visit QuizNext at www.quiznext.in

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