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‘Mugging’ to Mastering

Athreya Chidambi
Feb 26, 2018 · 4 min read

No this is nothing to do with abductions or kidnapping! ‘Mugging’ a term most urban Indians would have grown up with is used synonymously with studying hard (especially before an exam).

The edTech industry combines the power of Education and Technology. EdTech is one of the fastest and richest industries with billions being invested in it.

Indian main-stream education hasn’t progressed much in the way it’s taught, syllabus etc. With children attending schools with 30+ in each section of each class, it’s not unusual for children to go for ‘tuitions’.

Tuitions provide a lower teacher to child ratio which enhances learning. Most learning is done using the rote method also famously termed as “mugging”. Unlike the West we study for the sole purpose of scoring high in exams, topping your class, getting admission in to a famous engineering or medical college.

With edTech things are slowly changing.

Vidyanext is a Bangalore-based startup focused on changing the way school going children learn. The Vidyanext ecosystem provides parents access to certified tutors and the ability to monitor their child’s progress. It also provides tutors the technology (app) to track and automate tasks, up skill themselves, so they can spend more time teaching. Children also study to master topics rather than learn it to do well in exams.


Vidyanext was looking for help with different design aspects, mainly:

1. to enhance their brand identity

2. help build a unified user experience of their applications as well as of their digital presence


A set of brand guidelines that spanned logo mark usage, typography, colour, illustration, iconography & photography.

The focus was on the design phase, ensuring the user journey was tailored for the three key audiences that Vidyanext was targeting: parents, children and tutors.

Three different mobile apps were built to address gaps in the customer journeys of the three key audiences.

Learn App: Students’ understanding is the key to longterm retention. Creating a practice regime helps students remember concepts easily. Content mapped to a student’s curriculum makes it easier for students to follow both in their text books as well as in Learn. Simple gamification to enhance the experience.

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Learn App

Teach App: Giving tutors more time to teach meant that certain processes had to be fully or partially automated like creating tests, daily practices and quizzes. Keeping track of leads and payments helps tutors know who owes them what.

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Teach — Creating a test

Parent Buddy: Most parents get worried about when their children do badly in exams, especially after going for tuitions. Parent Buddy enables parents to track their child’s progress so they can intervene in case there is a problem well before their exams. Parent Buddy also serves as a knowledge portal and evaluation tool. Assess your child before they start tuitions with vAssess.

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New approach to onboard a Parent

Considering the variety of designs tasks, each was approached as a small unique project with its own goals, timeframes, and acceptance criteria. When new tasks appeared, they were discussed internally to decide which method might accomplish it efficiently. With this approach mini tasks were finished more efficiently.

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Brand guidelines - Iconography, web, Illustration style

In addition: We experimented with behaviour modification of children going to tuitions. The tutor awarded points based on student behaviour. These points were then redeemable by the student online. Due to change in overall direction of the company this was put on hold. Quick prototype used for testing with tutors to get feedback:

All digital assets remain copyright of Vidyanext.
Software used: Illustrator, Photoshop, Sketch, Flinto, Invision

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