Video Wall Management

Athreya Chidambi
Jan 11, 2019 · 2 min read
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The need for large displays and a series of monitors has been steadily rising across newsrooms, conference halls, and concerts. As a result, the market for video walls is expected to witness an outstanding CAGR of 14.1% over the course of the forecast period. Source

The integration of IT in to large displays meant more insight into what consumers are really looking for or what appeals to them. Video walls are a bit like the google ads of the future.

Teamworkz Consulting were building a prototype for the application that controls these displays. They were looking at enhancing the UI (responsive Web) of their web application that they had already built. They wanted some enhanced features but were looking at more refined user experience.

The first step was to run through what had been developed, look at competitors and get a good understanding of the product.

Wireframes were then created to depict the journey of a single user pre and post sign in. This was primarily for desktop and mobile.

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User flow wireframes

Wireframes were then refined based on the journey, verified with the development team on its accuracy and functionality.

Mock ups were created based on the finalised flow and a theme detailed with a style guide.

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Mocks & style palette

Thanks for reading.

All content remain copyright of Teamworkz Consulting.
Software used: Illustrator, Sketch
Responsive web application, Dashboard

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