Week 6- A Week of Presenting, Pondering and Planning

Aashrita Indurti
Designing a vision for the future
3 min readMar 13, 2021


Documentation for IXD Studio II

Finally, the big day of our presentation arrived and we reported our findings to the Team from Prospect Studio.

Secondary Research and Stakeholder Interviews

The elaborate task of deciphering and decoding insights from the research methods helped us draw insights and draft design principles based on the insights. The framework we came up with involves moving from a system that is reason-based to one that is relationship-based.

Insights Based on the Research
Design Principles and the Framework
The Revised How Might We Statement

The Presentation

The feedback based on the presentation was appreciative in nature and the team from Prospect Studio was particularly curious about aspects of caregiver engagement. They encouraged us to take up the Futuring activity we had on our to-do list to get the perspective of future parents and their take on education in 2035.

Interview with a Subject Matter Expert

We further conducted an interview session with an educator and subject matter expert on community-based programming. The session with her really got us thinking about aspects of community collaboration, sustainable programs, community activity initiation along and so forth. Some interesting examples from research and community models across the globe that she introduced us to, helped shape our understanding of long term — sustainable community programs.

Workshop with Kate and Lauren

As part of the Research Methods session, we were introduced to some concept generation and synthesis methods such as Rose, Bud, Thorn and Affinity Mapping.

Rose, Bud, Thorn Method
Affinity Mapping

Empathy Mapping Workshop

We had a session of Empathy Mapping that was conducted by Doris Wells-Papanek where we had to role-play and understand the goals, motivation, needs and pain points of four groups namely — students, educators, district or the board of Education and the Community.

Empathy Mapping By Doris Wells — Papanek

Way Ahead

The Futuring Activity — Planning and Preparing Templates

Our next steps include preparing and conducting the Futuring activity, reaching out to non-profit organisations in Portland in order to connect with some underserved families and understand their point of view.



Aashrita Indurti
Designing a vision for the future

Interaction and Service Designer | Graduate Student at the School of Design, Carnegie Mellon University