Atlassian Design Week 2017

During a stormy week in mid March in (supposedly) sunny Sydney (The weather gods did not shine on us…), 150 Atlassian designers, researchers, writers, and engineers from around the globe gathered for our annual Design Week event. Design Week is a cultural tradition for the Atlassian design team. What I started as a single day event, with a handful of designers working in a small room back in 2013…

Atlassian Design Week 2013

…has turned into a week-long, mini internal conference attended not only by the global Atlassian design team, but guests from other disciplines around the company.

Atlassian Design Week 2017

As a globally dispersed team of designers, it’s incredibly important for us to come together each year and put faces to names, learn from each other, and build connections across the company.

Every year we focus on a particular theme for the week, something that is top of mind for everyone across the team. This year’s theme was progress over perfection. We had over 40 talks from internal Atlassians, as well as keynotes from external speakers all based around this theme. One of the most unique things about the week is that the majority of the content was curated from internal team members. We have an incredible wealth of knowledge across the team. It is always so inspiring to hear co-workers talk about how they have approached and solved problems we all face in our day-to-day work. This year, we also welcomed the Trello design team and gained many insights into how to make remote work effective for teams.

As always, the entire team came away feeling energised and more mindful in our approach to work. We were once again amazed at the results of the entire week. We have tried to capture the feel and outcomes in the video below. Hope you enjoy. Be sure to follow along as we release write-ups and videos of some of the highlight talks from the week!

Atlassian Design Week 2017 Wrap Video

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