New to a design team? Use these 4 pillars to set it up for success

Alastair Simpson
Jun 4 · 8 min read
The Atlassian Cloud Platform Design Team
Get the first 3 right, Teams and Products follow


Your direct team

That team is weak and dysfunctional, you’ll need to rebuild it

Once vizualized, it is easy to see when your structure is unsustainable

Your Peers

People are the foundation of any amazing team.


I generally tag along to every pre-existing ritual for a period of 4–6 weeks and say as little as possible in those sessions. I watch. I listen. I learn.


I usually spend my first 0–60 days on the above 3 pillars. I do this purposefully before diving into the product problems. Crafting amazing products takes a high performing team that knows how to measure success.


In your first 90 days on a new product, there really are no stupid questions. So ask away.

Designing Atlassian

Tales from the Atlassian design team

Thanks to D. Keith Robinson and Atlassian.

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I help teams create engaging, sustainable product experiences…with the help of pencils, sharpies, post-its and collaborative thinking…Design Leader @ Atlassian

Designing Atlassian

Tales from the Atlassian design team