May 8th, 2017

The day to end it all.

Finally, the last day of official interaction with my class and professors. Today was our final show, and Faith and I have spent countless hours screen-printing and planning to come to this point. Here are our final posters:

Here’s our digital piece:

… and our environmental:

Really happy with the way these turned out. Got a lot of good reactions, and we accomplished our main goal, which was to inspire designers (our literal audience for the final show) to screen-print. I don’t know if the people we talked to are actually going to go through with their word, but at least we got them to say they will. :)

All in all, gotta say, this was by far the most fun project I’ve done, letting me work on a topic that I want to work on, at my own pace, and with someone that I’ve never worked with.

I’ve learned so many things over the semester, and grown so much as a designer. This class has really brought out the best in me, and I hope that it’s just as powerful and enjoyable to future students.

Just like that, my 2nd year at Carnegie Mellon Design is over. Peace out.

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