Introduction to Blockchains for Educators


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The primary goal of the Office of Educational Technology’s Education Blockchain Initiative (EBI) is to help education stakeholders identify and evaluate ways that distributed ledger technology can improve the flow of data among educational institutions and employers in order to enable individuals to translate accomplishments into economic opportunity. But what is a blockchain?

Introduction to Blockchains for Educators is the first in a series of videos intended to introduce the technology behind blockchains and provide information for education stakeholders on how to understand concepts of trust, value, privacy, and identity. This video series will introduce and begin to answer some fundamental questions related to privacy and data security in a distributed ledger ecosystem. Watch above or here:

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The Office of Educational Technology investigates and supports technologies that strengthen the ecosystem of education and workforce, and that increase access and expand opportunities for all learners.

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The Office of Educational Technology (OET) provides leadership for maximizing technology's contribution to improving education at all levels.

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