Unison — A mobile app designed to facilitate rowing machine workouts

The Problem

The unfortunate truth surrounding the rowing machine today is that it sits in the corner of most gyms, given little to no attention. When gym members attempt to use the machine, they are unsure of the technique, what kind of workout to do, and the most effective way to train. The same can be said for individuals who may own a rowing machine as a piece of equipment in their at home gym- it is an effective piece of fitness technology, but only when paired with the skills to use it properly.

There is a different problem for the competitive rower who uses the rowing machine. The fun and social element of rowing is removed from the picture and every workout is an intense competition paired with rankings and scores. In the eyes of this user, using the erg outside of practice time is boring and painful, due to the absence of a social and fun component.

Currently, the only places to learn how to use the rowing machine properly are boutique fitness classes that come with an expensive price tag and “learn to row” programs at rowing organizations that are a large time commitment.

Our Solution

Unison was created to address the need for a fun, social, and accessible way of learning how to row and accessing guided erg workouts. As a rowing app, Unison will supply classes for a variety of intensities, durations, and skill levels. These classes will be paired with a separate series of “learn to row’’ technical sessions that will ensure the user has the proper form to avoid injury while maximizing their workout. Our instructors will set the workout for users who are looking for structure and guidance, the instructors will motivate them through difficult workouts, and provide elements of fun into typically dreadful erg sessions. Unison works to promote rowing in a safe and fun learning environment, where new users can learn to row without a large time or financial investment. Additionally, more experienced users will be able to have someone set the workout and music for them, in addition to providing company and a sense of community through at home workouts.

Our mission is to grow the rowing community one step at a time, through creating learning opportunities for new users and fostering a fun social environment to keep more experienced users participating in the sport. There is undeniably a lot of interest surrounding rowing as a method for fitness, and we aim to link the disconnect between interest and execution within the sport.

Today, we are proud to announce that Unison has officially launched. After many months of developing quality programming and finding great instructors to guide rowers to their optimal technique and fitness goals, we are officially ready to row.

Our Approach

Unison integrates the structure of traditional virtual fitness classes with the technology of the rowing machine, allowing scores, statistics, and workouts to be tracked over time. This allows us to show the user their progress throughout their rowing journey and award them for special achievements.

Additionally, we want to work to build the social aspect of rowing, which always makes workouts more fun. We will accomplish this by creating an interactive element of the app, where the user can join a class with their friend in a group, or post to a group feed after a workout and share their results. We want you to be proud of your work, and we want everyone else to see your success too.

We seek to build a community centered around rowing, where new rowers, fitness enthusiasts, and experienced rowers can come together and lift each other up through their own experience. Our easily accessible app format allows classes to be streamed from anywhere- you don’t need to own an erg to participate in our classes. All you need is access to an erg at a gym or another location, where you can utilize our free phone stand to stream a class directly to your screen.

Our Company

Our company is full of fitness enthusiasts who want to bring new members into our community- we have all benefited from the athletic mindset of goal setting and actively making progress towards those goals, as well as building strong bonds with those around us. These are elements of sport that we want to share with our users through Unison.

Rowing can be daunting, scary, and painful if approached incorrectly. By simplifying the approach and giving the user options for their workouts, we plan to take the question mark out of the picture surrounding the rowing machine and make the sport appealing to everyone.

By working together, we can achieve our goals and develop new skills in a fun and supportive environment.

So, are you ready to learn how to row and achieve your fitness goals by working in Unison ?

To learn more, go to UnisonRowing.com

Hear more about our community, updates, and challenges through our Instagram at UnisonRowing



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