Introducing DigiBox | Where physical music meets the streaming age

Digibox LLC is excited to announce the release of Digibox, a new speaker system that combines the joys of having a physical music collection with the convenience and affordability of streaming.

The Product

The Digibox consists of two primary components. First is the Digibox speaker, which is a compact, minimalist, jukebox-inspired statement piece with speakers embedded. The second are PlayCards, which are credit card sized and contain an RFID chip. Users can load a song onto each PlayCard using the Digibox app, then simply tap the card to the box and the song will begin to play.

Digibox also allows a variety of modes that create the perfect mix for any occasion. When users load a song onto a card, they are also loading the album the song is on as well as the artist. If you set the “Mode Dial” on the front of the Digibox to “Album”, the Digibox will play the complete album. Likewise, if the dial is set to “Artist”, Digibox will play the Artists’ radio station. Finally, there is a “Mix” option where users can tap up to 5 cards in a row and using AI, Digibox will curate a playlist that embodies the ideal combination of the songs’ vibes.

The Vision

Here at Digibox, we believe that music isn’t just an audio experience. It is a core part of our lives that deserves much more than a click of a play button. Our products work to combine the joy of analogue music collections with the ease of modern music streaming.

Digibox allows for users to reclaim a sense of music ownership by putting the listening experience back into the hands of the user. We re-instil a sense of music ownership lost with modern music streaming by utilizing Play Cards that can be displayed with pride.

These physical cards also allow for easy sharing with friends and family. Whether you give personalized Play Cards as gifts or trade cards with friends as your music taste evolves, Digibox allows for music listening to be a truly social experience.

Aside from the experience of music listening, our team of product designers also understand that the aesthetics of a device are just as important as its functionality. Our sleek, jukebox-inspired design creates a perfect blend of vintage nostalgia and modern minimalism that will be a statement piece in any household.

The Opportunity

The Digibox was conceptualized in a Stanford dorm room, when Max Harris and Pranav Vaid began to explore how they experience music. Pranav, a lover of music, had just restarted his physical record collection despite thoroughly enjoying Spotify.

The epiphany came when the two realized Pranav’s situation is not a unique problem.Record player sales at a 30 year high (Richards), and despite the convenience of streaming and the notorious backlogs in vinyl record sales, the British Phonographic Industry released data that vinyl comprised 23% of all albums sold this year (BPI).

The primary market? Gen Z and Millennials who have found a newfound joy in the physical record players of historical music. However, given these populations are referred to as the “digital generation,” we see a fusion of collectible culture with modern technology in communities on social platforms such as TikTok (Griffith and Nguyen). The two wondered, why not combine the best of both worlds and merge the convenience of the streaming age with the feeling of a physical record player? And so the Digibox was born.

We see the DigiBox being used by Gen Z and Millennials who are avid music listeners and already invest in physical music accessories such as speakers or headphones. With these users, we see the value of DigiBox in many situations. To start, at events with family and friends that allow visitors to swap songs at any time without the distraction of a digital device. Another is at parties and events when users can take agency of the music and queue their favorite songs. Finally, even at business opportunities when employees at networking events can share common interests and create memorable bonds at social events.

With the resurgence of physical record players and the growing interest among Gen Z and Millennials, we know there is an opportunity for DigiBox in the music space. DigiBox is made for people to use, connect, and love as a mix of streaming with a touch of our past.

Digibox — tap to feel the music!



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