One way to get your team talking about equity

What does “equity” mean to you? How do we practice it in the workplace? As Isabel Blanco once asked, “How can we bear the discomfort to get to where we need to be?”

Our team was interested in creating a method to explore these questions. We designed a deck of playing cards that gives structure to the exploration of equity. These playing cards serve as a starting point on a team’s journey towards recognizing the historical context of power, privilege, discrimination, and trauma that people’s realities are shaped by. We are sharing them for you to join us in starting conversations, raising awareness, and creating a space to nudge equity into your work.

The “Equity is..” cards were first tested at the Code for America conference this year, where our team facilitated a workshop and used the cards as a tool for discussion. We solicited feedback from participants and used it to iterate on the cards.

These cards are also an invitation to collaborate with us. Make them better: edit, translate, change the icons, turn them into posters or anything else that lessens the structural forces perpetuating inequity. Let us know what you did so we can learn from you and share with others. Email us at innovateHSA at sfgov dot org.

Download the “Equity is..” card game for serious play, available as a ready to use PDF or as a fillable PDF if you would like to make your own cards.

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