Quest for new talent

Btw, we are going to be present at the handshake event on Tuesday, 03–10–2017 @ PXL. So do not forget to pass by!

As Design is Dead is expanding to new horizons, we are also on the lookout for new & fresh talent. Beside the traditional job postings, it was time for us to find other ways to attract new colleagues. Hence, we decided to join the battle for new talent at schools.
After conversations with KULeuven and PXL in Hasselt, we got an invitation to be part as an external jury in the students’ thesisdefences that we kindly accepted. Three brave souls of the DID team wrestled through all the defence scripts to find their favourite projects to attend and participate as jury. As mentioned, this is new for us, so once we got the confirmation that we were going to be part of the jury, our surprise was big that we couldn’t attend the projects that we selected but were assigned to different projects as a jury member.
So on Monday 19/06, Wednesday 21/06 and Friday 23/06 each of us attended 5 very diverse and very interesting defences going from pure software development to drones, domotics and server management. After all defences we participated to the deliberation and provided our score and motivation.
As our next mission in the battle for new talent, we are also attending and organising meetups. These are an excellent opportunity to introduce ourselves and Design is Dead. Moreover, we are launching other initiatives like internships to work with us on our interesting and diverse projects as well as co-supervision of master (or bachelor) theses together with universities.
Interested to have a chat with us? Check our open positions or just drop us an email at

This is a re-post (Sept 25, 2017) from our website.

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