Spreading the Product Design DNA

Designers transforms ideas sketched on paper into beautiful digital products that are carefully designed and with every detail reflecting the core aesthetics of the brand. Crafting the design so all the various instances and touch points of the product gives a consistent and distinct experience is what we refer to as “Spreading the Product Design DNA”.

DNA is short for deoxyribonucleic acid, and it’s the hereditary material in humans and almost all other organisms. Almost every cell in a person’s body has the same DNA. We believe that digital products should be considered to be just like all other organism. Meaning that the design is not just a logo, but becomes a tone, personality and language, that is to be recognized in ‘cell’ of the product.

Design DNA throughout the product

With users entering your website from Google it is important that they can recognize your brand no matter which page they land on. In your Facebook chatbot and your newsletter campaign, your brand should be recognizable in your conversational tone. Also when they are interacting with your apps, social media, printed materials etc. every touch point should have a consistent voice and appearance that reflects its personality.

MailChimp’s Voice & Tone guide

We believe that designers need to work with design patterns, systems or frameworks, to ensure that the DNA can spread to every cell or aspect of not only the digital products but also the company. This means that designing experiences is also about designing a system, for example using the mindset and framework of Atomic design.

Product Design DNA at Design Matters 17

At Design Matters 17 we will host several talks about this topic, shedding light on it from various angles.

According to Amy Roberts from Google, the product brand doesn’t have to be visible. She believes that getting the product identity a bit out of the way can make user feel closer to your product. She will talk about Chrome’s mission to deliver ‘Content not Chrome’, and how that has been met with product loyalty and growth at a massive scale.

What happens when you create a very visible change in your product’s design DNA and you have 500 million users watching? Katy Tsai and Maria Iu’s from LinkedIn will talk about how to approach a complete redesign of both mobile and web experiences with lots of users.

B&O Record player with built in Speakers on each side 1950´s. Portable bluetooth speaker

Jakob Kristoffersen from B&O PLAY will talk about how he gets inspired from B&O’s 90 years and how to balance rationally-founded and emotionally-driven design to become procurers of products for B&O PLAYs crowd that makes beautiful music.

Finally, the leading Danish agency, Kontrapunkt will host a workshop on how they experience and work with the challenges of unfolding the product design DNA for various products.

We’ll see you at Design Matters 17!

See more at https://designmatters.io/ 😜