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We’re now, officially!

1st July, we announced our rebranding news in an email to our beloved customers that Allocacoc has a new name and a new face, DesignNest. 15th August, we introduced the brand-new logo of DesignNest and officially included .com in our presence — We’re excited to share these brand updates, what are we going to do and why we made this change.

What’s Changed And What Hasn’t

For Official Online Stores

· Name and logo changed from Allocacoc to DesignNest

· Brand colour changed from teal blue to purple

· Domains changed to &

· Europe customer service contact changed to

· Nothing will change to your account and data on our online stores

· You can still buy Allocacoc products, it’s listed as one of the brands on DesignNest online stores

· More awesome designer products will be available on our online stores

Good things worth the wait — so does our coming new

For Official Informative Website (

· Allocacoc company and the website ( stays

· Existing Allocacoc products will remain in the portfolio. After all ongoing projects are launched, we will stop developing new Allocacoc products.

· The domain changed from to

· platform BETA version with new layout and features is expected to be launched in September 2019

· For further updates regarding the new platform, please subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on social media.

A Platform for Talents & Design Lovers is an all in one platform where you can create projects, purchase, or fund new and innovative products. To bring the best shopping experience to our users, we’re still busy building the new features and layout of

With the experiences and the market know-how we’ve gained in the past 8 years during Allocacoc’s time, we are able to help designers optimizing their products, make their designs available, affordable and beneficial for every parties in the business. has hundreds of innovative products already, from our own iconic PowerCube collection to other unique products such as Heng Balance Lamp, Aubergine Pillow and MOFT Laptop Stand, just to name a few. We’re aiming to become the biggest design platform for consumer products.

We stay true to our words. We guarantee our customers that they will receive what they paid for, 100%, no excuse. Your support on is the support to all the amazing product designers as well. With the support from our backers and customers, we’ll be able to discover more talents and offer you more inspiring products.

We are very much looking forward to work with all parties in the market, to become the world’s first start-to-finish consumer product design platform for everyone!

Another perk of our rebranding is — you’ll be able to pronounce our new name easily (compared to Allo-ca-coc). Now you can share something cool you found on our platform with your friends.

Design-Nest, nesting all creative designs. What a good name, right? It sparks joy!

Where Came From

For those who’ve been following us, the name “DesignNest” must have been familiar for you, because DesignNest has been out there for 3 years since it was founded by Allocacoc in 2016. Allocacoc initiated this new platform to build community around young designers from around the world. We’ve also provided consultation and support to these young designers on things like fine tuning design, production optimization and launching the final products to market via our distribution partners.

Since then, it has grown and attracted more and more talented designers to work with DesignNest and launch their products to the world. This year, with the vision of providing everyone a seamless end-to-end platform and service, we decided to push DesignNest further and make it the face of our business. From now on, DesignNest’s mission is to gather all the creative minds and help launching good designs into the market and Allocacoc will still be with us, focusing on the backend, such as manufacturing and distribution.

A New Logo Stands For What DesignNest is

The first logo of DesignNest was born with the inspiration of it’s founder’s first successful launched product — PowerCube, it has now developed further to a new independent logo for is the fastest growing community of young and ambitious product designers worldwide. By sharing ideas, knowledge and network, designers learn from us and each other to build better and more affordable products together.

Because of this successful growth, we thought it was time for a new logo. A logo that stands for the meaning of DesignNest as a creative entity.

The new logo of DesignNest is designed by Aston Dsouza. The idea of this new logo came from the top view of a nest. The abstract and somewhat wild crossing lines knit into a circle representing a nest that hatches and supports creative designs, while the deep purple shade elevating the appearance.

It’s a nest where creativity can always be expressed, where new ideas can incubate to let them grow into successful products. Just how we do it, just what DesignNest is — we’re here to bring ideas to thrive.

How We Got Here

In 2011, we, Allocacoc started as a small company by two design graduate students in an attic with the goal of refining daily living through innovating existing products. As the brand grew through international partnerships, well-established distribution and a global sales network, Allocacoc became a global industrial design company.

We’ve had multiple ups and downs including fighting copycats who rip off our own designs. Thus, we understand the process of getting a product funded, launched on the market and the struggles it could come with. Especially for young designers, these difficulties can be a huge barrier preventing the talents from show their ideas to the world.

So why don’t we help them out? We have the know-how, we have the connections, we know all the ins and outs of the process, we can be the mentor for designers, let’s just do it!

This is where the idea came from — building a platform for designers, retailers and end consumers, from funding to manufacturing to sales, a complete pipeline and service solving all problems at once.

What We Provide

In 2016, DesignNest was born out of Allocacoc as a product design platform, where we help industrial designers from start to finish, such as funding, design knowledge, sourcing, pricing, production, product assembly, distribution, fighting against copycats and worldwide sales.

Offices On 3 Continents

We are operating from three main offices, located in the Netherlands, China and the United States. also includes the DesignNest Studio’s which are free co-working spaces for creatives.

Apart from our offices, there is also a lot of cooperation with the factories in different cities where products are manufactured.

DesignNest’s offices around the world, including China, the Netherlands and the USA

Join Us!

What started as a project to support aspiring designers and crowdfund their products has now grown into a global design platform. With we strive to unite creative ones to achieve economies of scale and to fight copycats.

Come and join us to share the good ideas to the world together! No matter you’re a designer, retailer or a consumer, we always have a place for every design lover like you.

Who are we?

— We’re
An all-in-one, end-to-end product design platform. We help with funding, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales and fighting copycats.

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