About Me

Irving Rivera
Dec 17, 2018 · 2 min read

Over the years, I have worn many hats such as industrial engineer, equities and options trader, Army officer, and now #UX designer.

But those are just my credentials. Please allow me to share with you, my personal core values — to see if we are the right fit and can work together:

Always having the integrity of doing the right thing.

Having accountability and relentless follow-through for all your actions and their effects on others.

Knowing, crafting, and finishing all your responsibilities correctly and on time.

However, I am not the important one here. YOU and your goals are, and this is my promise of service to you…

Every single article that I produce will have a critical insight that you can easily implement in your business or profession for a quick and easy win. Based on the most effective principles of influence and persuasion.

About Designers

One of the biggest sources of pride for any designer is to create a product that is so intuitive that when a first-time user gets his hands on it — him/her already know how to use it. Without the need for any kind of special instructions or explanations.

However, some of us lack empathy towards founders and entrepreneurs. We can not only just create beautiful and easy to use products, but we also need to create real sustainable businesses.

We need to start focusing on the conversions outcomes of all our products and stop disregarding the importance of terms such as…

About Entrepreneurs

The only way to build trust, authority, and likeability is with good design. Now days is the only way to rise above the noise and differentiate yourself from the competition because perception is reality.

Now with the rise of so many DIY tools and WYSIWYG editors great and iconic design is even harder to achieve since many entrepreneurs disregard the importance of design fundamentals such as…

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