5 Power Phrases That Belong in Every Support Agent’s Toolbox

Supercharge your calls with these 5 “must-have” power phrases.

In this article, I’m sharing out my top 5 power phrases for 2019 that I believe every support agent should keep in their toolbox. These are phrases specifically designed to control the call or regain control of an escalated call. I’d love to hear about what other power phrases you also keep in your toolbox and what you use them for. Let me know in the comments.

1. “It would be my pleasure to help you with that.”

Customers respond so well to this reassurance of help statement. Phrases such as, “it’s my pleasure”, “it would be my pleasure”, “who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?”, instantly suggests to the customer that you intend to take great care of them. It is using rapport building language at it’s best.

2. “I’m on your side.”

This statement encourages customers to see the agent as their partner that is invested in their best interest. Although company policy may not always provide for the exact outcome that the customer wants, we want customers to know that they are speaking with a support agent that has their best interests at heart.

3. “Let me be your advocate.”

When customers want to be heard on an issue that they feel really passionate about, we need to become a vessel for their feedback as support agents. I often tell customers that I will be their advocate. I’ve let my customers know that I pass all of their feedback along to members of leadership on a regular basis.

4. “Have I resolved all of your issues today?”

This statement works to make sure that you’ve actually resolved all of a customer’s issues and that checks to make sure the customer understands how it was resolved. It helps prevent callbacks and drives quality. I always use this line when I am wrapping up my calls.

5. “Thank you for your patience.”

Avoid over apologizing all the time during your calls. Instead of saying, “I’m sorry for your wait”, try something that doesn’t sound so insincere like this statement. It sounds so much better.

Relax. You’ve got this!