Should all volleyball become beach volleyball?

The potential for strategic co-transformation


Building Cost — saved

Environmental footprint — reduced

City design — improved

Visual spectacle — enhanced

Co-transformation in sports

  • Micro: At the operational level, sports must continue to change and adapt with modern times and technology. Examples include better gear, technology aides for referees, improving the ball etc.
  • Macro: At a strategic level, sports bodies must continually answer the question, ironically a sports metaphor itself — where shall we play? This involves reviewing rules, formats, marketing, etc. It’s about balancing game play with marketing and economics.
  • Platform: If any sport seeks to become more popular in a world with shrinking resources, it needs to cast the net wider and look on the outside for opportunities at this level. These sit outside the traditional realm of sports administration (outputs) and instead intersect with the wider social realm (outcomes).

It’s about moving from Entertainment and Economics to: Entertainment, Environment and Economics.

Co-transformation will be the real game changer.



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