Universal agents can enhance the customer experience. ♾️

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.” -Steve Jobs

Creating a unified frontline. 👨‍🔧⭕👩‍🔧

There is only one king when it comes to maximizing first contact resolution. It’s universal agents. Empowering a customer’s first point of contact to fully resolve the largest majority of reasons. Let’s zoom out and explore the concept as I see it.

Nobody really agrees. 🤷‍♂️⁉🤔

Some experts give a business case for universal agents as ROI positive, however, I’ve met some experts that disagree. I am of the opinion that it is ROI positive if implemented correctly. Implementation should maximize a rockstar service experience for both customer and agent. Once the right harmony is found, universal agents will find resolution much easier to obtain. This is a great deal of stress relief in their daily work. I look beyond the numbers at what the increase in satisfaction is earning the business long term.

Rethink everything. ♻

You can’t take a bunch of different departments work and processes and just lump them together and call it universal. It’s not. Everything has to fit together very cohesively and very simply. Anyone can make something complicated. The real success is in making it very simple. To the core. Aim for the target. Customers want to deal with the exact same person throughout the entire support experience. Customers want sole ownership.


Pros ➕

Fewer transfers.
Less back and forth.
Less inconsistency in the experience.
Less repeating.
More efficient handle times.
Less stress for the agent handling.
More agents qualified to tackle the inbound volume.
Greater ease for the customer.
Increased professional togetherness.
More effective ownership.
Increased promoter satisfaction.
Increased success of resolve.
Fewer callbacks.
Increased follow through.

Cons ➖

Working out the bugs.
Training cost and deployment to get started.

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