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Sketch Freebies

Useful Collection of Sketch UI freebies

Set of user-friendly resources made to showcase handy design techniques and save your time

Hello, friends! It’s this special time of the year that we all love, I decided to do my bit and share some good stuff with you. 🎄

Through my maker’s journey, I have developed various files to showcase functionality that helps others to erase unnecessary routine and ease the day. Each of these files carries valuable information on how to build better components, handle symbols, styles and actually use your favorite design tool at its best.

Sketch continues to keep up the update train, making old files incompatible, bringing constant work for makers to keep on the pace. That's why I have updated all the free resources with the latest 52+ support and added additional functionality to better control the contents. Cheers!

All resources are brought to you by, check out the best Sketch user interface libraries, and support your local design dealer. 🥇

96 Icons

A free icon set, a preview from Super Basic Icons. Its core feature is the ability to manipulate icon line width using Shared Styles.


Table Template

A responsive spreadsheet template, made using a combination of symbols and styles to facilitate work with cells, you can use them to quickly create table rows and columns with the help of Duplicator plugin.

Install the plugin, and simply select a single cell or a group, and press
[⇧⌘+ any arrow key] to duplicate selection in the desired direction. ☝️


Dynamic Buttons

File includes 2 types of buttons, with and without an icon. Components are premade in 4 common UI states (Normal, Hover, Pressed, Disabled).

Designed to help others discover how to properly nest symbols and apply styles to create multi-state button components and have full customization control over the Shape, Text, and Scale.


Smart Mockup

A cool freebie that demos a powerful iPhone X component with swappable devices, and frame styles. The presented method for handling symbols solves the problem of constant manual image adjustment while letting you create better brand assets in less time.

Pro tip: always hold Shift while resizing.

Another great way to deal with mockups is Artboard framer plugin, the only downshift of it, that it may freeze Sketch, and will require you to disable it. ❄️


Material Symbols

Tiny but very beneficial symbols that ease overall work with overrides, by making them predictable and consistent, via sharing the same universal properties for Shadow, Fill, and Border, through all of your library components. Here is an easy installation process:

  1. Copy the contents of the Symbols page
  2. Paste it into an existing library, or add this file as a library
  3. Add Material symbols into existing components, by nesting them on the bottom and forming the basement

Flexible Chart

A simple line chart template, featuring the setup of resizing constraints for a responsive chart stretching. Feel free to use predefined layer styles to quickly manipulate the overall look of the diagram, including grid lines, axis and data points.


Text Styles Bundle

Templates to set up the typography rules and text styles menu structure. Freebie contains 2 types of templates, for a single and for multiple fonts usage. You can import and export styles from one file to another, or embed them into an existing project using the Shared Text Styles plugin.

Find out more details on how to save your time and automate the creation of numerous text styles in the previous article. 👈


Responsive Grids

This Sketch file is super straight, it stores grid templates with predefined layout settings and ruler guides for most popular screen resolutions. A simple boilerplate to quickly start a new project with a solid design basement.

Including templates for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.


Frames Demo

The file shows up how to create a Sign In screen, using common components such as forms and buttons, demos the high level of symbols and styles organization in Frames, a popular web dedicated design library.


Plaster Demo

File showcase the construction of a User profile screen using a component-based design approach to build applications. As well as demos Plaster, a specially tuned library for mobile app design & development.





A place for curated design resources and tools. 🏝️

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