6 Design Resources to Kickstart Your Year

We’re back with new rescources to get your 2016 off to the right start!


Freelancers frequently under-price their work. Here’s a website that shows the data information on the rates other freelancers charge and for what type of project it is: design or development. Other factors include location, years of experience and skill. The data is generated by designers using Bonsai’s free contracts. If you’re a freelancer and don’t have a contract with your client, seriously check them out.


Ultra-simple jQuery slider for your website, what else do you need?


Incredibly cool animation framework for web!


Great read on misused mobile UX designs. Learn from the pros and avoid these pitfalls.


Looking for a faster way to build apps from Photoshop or Sketch? Your search ends at Qwikly, a Mac desktop application that speeds the process from design to development.


Icons won’t be disappearing anytime soon in 2016, so learn how to design them better, faster, and simpler using the basic shapes.

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