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Why I Stopped Using Facebook

It’s not about the negative effects of it…

Reason #1: the messaging system creates more problems than it solves

Reason #2: the security system changed for the better and then worse

Ending a healthy relationship

  1. A place to ruin your self esteem by seeing other people’s beautiful lives
  2. A place to get addicted to scrolling newsfeed mindlessly due to very frequent access
  3. A place for drama and slander due to people wanting a viral post by trying to trigger strong reactions
  4. A place to have a limited worldview (filter bubble) because your contacts like the same thing / support the same opinion as you

What could have been better?

  1. If only Facebook allows messaging to be automatically turned off for people who don’t have messenger installed. This way, expectations are set to my contacts.
  2. Even better, we can turn it off voluntarily. No messaging for me, suggesting my contacts to reach me at the given email address / mobile number instead.
  3. Fix that security algorithm, otherwise I’m forced to delete my account again and start a new one with my favorite password (tongue in cheek).



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