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Download Your Intercom Knowledge Base

The process of migrating your knowledge base from Intercom has never been easier. If you are interested in downloading your articles, please scroll to the bottom of the page to learn how. But if you would like to learn more about the services provided by companies like Intercom, Zendesk, and Freshdesk just keep on reading.

A short comparison of ZenDesk, Intercom, and FreshDesk.

Intercom is a popular sales pipeline that offers its users’ businesses serious bumps in sales capability and customer engagement capacity. Intercom is a feature-dense platform that focuses around its three core products and three add-ons. Their core products include an inbox, custom messages, and articles. Intercom’s add-ons include customizable chat bots and product tours.

  • The inbox allows your team to manage and reply to conversations with users and leads.
  • Messages allows your team to send automated and targeted communications to leads and users.
  • Custom bots engage with visitors to your website and guide them on a path to a certain action. They can also take some of the load off your team by answering commonly asked questions.
  • Intercom’s product tours showcase your products to your customers through guided messages and videos.
  • Articles allow your team to create and manage a knowledge-base so customers can find answers to their questions. To export your Intercom articles in .csv please click here.

Freshdesk is a business sales and productivity tool that offers many of the same features as Intercom at a lower price point (approximately 50% cheaper per user). Many companies from startups to enterprises make use of Freshdesk’s convenient services for their customer engagement needs. Freshdesk’s capabilities include:

  • Team Inbox to manage leads and customers
  • Pre-formatted responses to shorted lead times on responses
  • Live Chat to talk with the customer directly
  • Social media integration to start conversations with leads
  • Knowledge Base to help customers find support without having to wait in queue

Zendesk is another service similar to Intercom and Freshdesk, but comes in at the lowest price amongst the tree (approximately 25% cost of Freshdesk per user). Zendesk has over 200,000 customers worldwide and offers easy-to-use features including:

  • Email and social media integrations to start and manage conversations
  • Multilingual support system to support a global audience
  • Knowledge Base to direct customers to answer questions on their own
  • Chat to speak with customers live
  • Ticketing to manage customer support claims

All three of these companies offer a knowledge base to their users. Knowledge bases allow businesses to post FAQ and similar articles so that their customers may learn more about the company, its services, and answer their own questions without waiting in a support queue. If you’ve searched a company’s FAQ recently chances are it was hosted on Intercom, Zendesk, or Freshdesk. Let’s compare the features of each company’s knowledge base capabilities and learn how to download and migrate your help articles currently hosted via Intercom.‍

Knowledge Base

One of the key features available to users of Intercom is their knowledge base software. This software allows for the hosting of blog posts and FAQ articles so that customers can find information they need on a business’ website without needing to contact support directly. Intercom articles provide “faster answers for customers, and fewer questions for your team”. Customizable bots can redirect customers to relevant articles to save your business and your customers precious time. Intercom also features its chat capabilities within its articles so customers can contact support if they are unable to find the answers they need. Intercom permits the creation of multilingual articles, and an FAQ answer bot. Metrics allow you to see which topics customers are searching for but can’t find answers to.

Freshdesk also offers multilingual self-service to your customers. Like Intercom, Freshdesk provides an answer bot within the knowledge base so customers can find their answers from anywhere at any time. Freshdesk, as well as Intercom, allows companies to style their knowledge base to adhere to their brand guidelines so customers feel more confident that they are getting their answers form a trusted source. Freshdesk can also treat your knowledge base like a forum, allowing your customers to answer questions for each other saving support hours for more technical or challenging issues. Finally, Freshdesk features a help widget that can be plugged into your company website to deliver assistance to you customers so they don’t have to leave the page they’re on.

Zendesk’s knowledge base is customizable and simple to use. It can be tailored to be an internal tool, and IT tool, for agents only, or a customer-facing FAQ resource. When building an internal base, topics and sections can be restricted to levels of access. Zendesk grants businesses the freedom to easily translate articles into over 40 languages including German, Spanish, French, Chinese, and Brazilian Portuguese. Like Intercom, Zendesk provides metrics for articles so businesses can see which topics they are lacking or where things are not clear.

Exporting your Intercom articles

All three platforms offer a diverse and robust set of features for your business’ knowledge base. Customer engagement and support metrics improve through the implementation of guides and FAQs, but what if you want to migrate your articles to another service or simply download them for safe keeping?

This process is simple if you have an account with Intercom. Deskree Studio has created an online tool to extract your Intercom Support Centre articles. If you want to download or migrate your knowledge base hosted by Intercom just follow this link. Your article content will be emailed to you in .csv format for re-upload or safekeeping. Enjoy!



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