Announcing DSM Airdrop to the interchain community

Terence Lam
Desmos Network
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4 min readNov 8, 2021


To make Desmos more community-driven, we announce the following DSM airdrop to the Interchain community! 21M DSM (21% of the genesis supply) which was originally planned for future token sale, will now be allocated for airdrop to the stakers on various blockchain networks.

Allocations and criteria of DSM airdrop

Stakers (and Osmosis liquidity providers) of below tokens are conditionally eligible for the airdrop according to these snapshot dates:

Stakers who have done below will receive more amount of DSM airdrop:

  • Staked more with non-zero commission validators
  • Staked more with Forbole validator
  • Have not staked with centralized exchanges
  • Have not staked with validators operated by foundation/official team of the projects

We have applied functions with different parameters so that the above stakers would receive a fair amount of DSM which provides a reasonable motivation for them to become DSM stakers and liquidity providers (wen Osmosis?… … Soon!). If you have staked the above tokens but have received no or small amount of airdrop, this may due to below reasons (non-exhaustive):

  • You have not staked the tokens as on the above snapshot time
  • You have staked less than 1 voting power (eg. 1 $ATOM in the case of Cosmos Hub)
  • You have delegated a significant proportion of your tokens to centralized exchanges or 0% commission validators

To check your eligibility and amount of DSM, please visit

Example from

If you generated your delegator addresses on different chains using the same recovery phrase and the same derivation path, you only need to use one of them to check and you will see the total of DSM amounts you are eligible to claim from these addresses (as shown in the above example). This might be the case if you have used the Cosmos Ledger app to generate all your addresses.

If you use custodial wallet, you may not be able to claim the airdrop. We will try our best to provide alternatives but we cannot ensure this can be done due to reasons beyond our control. No matter what the final result, we encourage you to use non-custodial wallet to manage your assets.

Link your addresses with Desmos Profile Manager

Another objective of this airdrop is to promote the use of Desmos as an alternative to KYC procedure. So you will be required to link your respective addresses with Desmos Profile Manager to claim the airdrop. We will provide details later.

We encourage you to start using Forbole X to get familiar with Desmos Profile. You can follow this guide to use Forbole X:

And this guide to create Desmos Profile:

If you need $DSM to start, I am sure our community would love to help. Please join our community on Discord:

Claiming period and future possible new airdrop

The claim period is tentatively scheduled for the 3-month period starting 25 Nov 2021. After the completion of this 3-month period, any unclaimed DSM will be recycled and used for:

  • New airdrop campaigns, or
  • Injecting to community pool, or
  • Grant program to build and promote Desmos

If resources allow, we may consider new airdrop campaigns* after the claim period has started using other sources of DSM. But we will not disclose the exact snapshot dates, the chains involved and other criteria until we announce the new campaigns. The only thing we can ensure is that the snapshot dates of these possible campaigns will be some dates after 31 Oct 2021. This arrangement is to make sure the people who are eligible for the airdrop would have the long-term vision of the interchain. (*Please be reminded that these new airdrop campaigns may not happen.)

Desmos is not invested by VC and other institutional grade investors. Most of our early backers are Cosmonauts and validators. Through this airdrop, we hope to expand our reach and build a larger engaging Desmos community who share the same long-term vision with us by participating in our governance and market making.

Upcoming miletones include:

  • Enabling IBC transfer
  • Listing on decentralized exchanges with incentivized pools
  • Launching grant program, revised delegation plan and massive ecosystem development

Exciting times ahead. Stay tuned!