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Finally, the moment that everyone was waiting more than black friday and Christmas together has arrived. In this blogpost we will answer to the hottest question of the last 20 days: "How can I claim the airdrop?!"

How airdrop?!

To correctly claim the airdrop, you will need to follow the below procedure, step by step:

  1. Download Desmos Profile Manager (DPM) from here by clicking on the button corresponding to your smartphone platform (Testflight for iOS or Google Play for Android).

Please before starting with the airdrop procedure make sure that you have downloaded version 1.0.0 or above of DPM.

2. Once you've downloaded it, you will need to create or import a Desmos wallet:

Wallet Creation/Import screen

At the moment the import of an existing wallet can be done only through the recovery seed phrase.

Later this year we will also add the possibility to import a wallet by using a Ledger Nano device but for now you have to stick using a mnemonic phrase.

3. After the import/creation of your wallet, you will find yourself in front of this home screen. Click on the airdrop banner at the bottom of the page.

Home screen

4. Insert one of your eligible addresses (Cosmos Hub, Kava, Regen, Osmosis, …).

DSM Airdrop announced screen

5. Click on calculate to see your airdrop amount.

DSM Airdrop announced screen

6. Check that all the displayed eligibilities are correct and once you're ready click on "Claim Now".

Allocation screen

7. Wait until the fee grant request is complete.

Claim DSM Airdrop screen

8. Once that’s done you will see this screen. Click on "Get Started".

Claim DSM Airdrop screen 1

9. Tap on "Create Profile".

Claim DSM Airdrop screen 2

10. Fill the profile fields as you wish.
(You can use GIFs in both profile and cover pics 😉).

Edit Profile screen

11. Once done, click on "Next".

Edit Profile screen 1

12. Click on "Confirm" to complete the profile creation.

Confirm screen

13. Wait for the transaction to be broadcasted.

Confirm screen 1

14. After the confirmation, click on "Continue".

Confirm popup screen

15. Next, you need to connect all the eligible wallets to your Desmos profile by clicking on "Connect Account".

Claim DSM Airdrop screen 3

16. Click on "Use Secret Recovery Passphrase" to start the procedure to link your eligible accounts. Note that you will need to insert the exact same Secret Recovery Phrase (Mnemonic Phrase) of those accounts in order to correct link them.

Connect chain screen

We are aware of the fact that most of the users don't like to put their recovery phrase around but these will be only used to create a cryptographic proof needed to prove your ownership over other chain accounts. Nothing is saved. You can check this by looking at the code of DPM here.

Later this year, it will be possible to create all the chain links using your Ledger Nano device but until then using your mnemonic phrase is the only way to do things.

17. Select the chain with which you want to create the link.

Select chain screen

18. In my case, I've chose to start with the Cosmos Hub. Before continuing, make sure the address you see is what you expect. If you don’t visualize the correct address you might have to change the derivation path.
Once you are ready to continue, import the account by clicking on "Next":

19. Confirm the link.

Transaction Details screen

20. Unlock your wallet by inserting your password and click "Confirm" to confirm the transaction.

Wallet Password screen

21. Wait for the transaction to be broadcasted.

Transaction Details screen 1

22. Click on "Continue".

Transaction Details popup screen

23. You will be redirected to a page showing the amount of claimable DSM with the account you've just linked. Click on "Claim Now".

Claim DSM Airdrop screen 4

24. A popup will appear showing that you claimed your token.
Now you can proceed by clicking on "Claim more".

Popup screen

25. Next you will be redirected to the "Claim DSM Airdrop" screen for the last time. Here you will be able to claim the pending rewards if, for any reason, you've left in the middle of the claiming process.

Claim DSM Airdrop 5

Please note that to receive the entire airdrop amount you will need to repeat the procedure from step 17 to 24 to connect all the other eligible accounts.

This is required particularly for all the chains that do use a different coin type when generating their addresses. These are:, Kava and Terra if you have used their own custom Ledger applications.

26. You can now go back to the home screen to check all the transactions that have been made during the airdrop procedure.

Home screen

27. As an extra, but optional step, you can check all your chain links within the profile screen.

Profile screen

Side note
We're currently facing a Cosmos SDK bug inside our Desmos mainnet that makes it impossible for some users to perform any transaction due to the following reason:

Broadcasting transaction failed with code 111222 (codespace: undefined). Log: panic message redacted to hide potentially sensitive system info: panic

This has been raised during the latest on-chain upgrade and our team is already working on a fix. Once we are sure our solution works properly, we will submit another on-chain upgrade that will fix the issue.

In the meanwhile, if you face any issue during the airdrop claim process, just know that it could be related to this bug. We’re really sorry for the inconvenience and would like to apologize 🙏.

This has been a long journey, and as always we would like to thank all the community and all the validators for the astonishing support they're continuously giving us.

Now go, and claim your airdrop! 🥳

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