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Morpheus “Apollo” second on-chain upgrade

Almost one month ago we performed the first Morpheus “Apollo” on-chain upgrade. This was done in order to fix some bugs that we found while testing version of the Desmos software.

During this time, we saw that no other bugs appeared, and so we decided to focus our efforts in developing new features. For this reason, we are glad to announce that this week we are going to perform the second on-chain upgrade of Morpheus “Apollo”.

Changes 📜

Verify your profile with external applications ✅

One thing we take seriously at Desmos is identity stealing. We have all being subject to malicious users stealing our identity trying to scam other people. Also, we have observed that there are some validators stealing the Keybase identity of well-known people in order to have their profile picture inside block explorers, hoping that users will fail for this trick and delegate more to them.

In order to solve this, we have decided to use IBC to communicate with Band Protocol to allow all users having a profile to connect it to external applications they own such as Twitter, GitHub and more. This will make it harder for malicious users to steal your identity, and it will also allow your friends to find your Desmos profile using your centralized social networks usernames.

Connect your profile to an external chain 🔗

A part from external applications, we also thought it might be really interesting to connect your Desmos profile to other chains such as the Cosmos Hub, Akash, Osmosis and many more. This might come in handy in many occasions, such as when one of your friends wants to send you a gift without asking your address before hand. Also, it would allow you to make sure no other people are impersonating you on those chains as well: if you verify your Desmos profile with external applications and then you link your Akash address to your profile, everyone will be able to verify that address is you and not a scammer.

After the upgrade, all users will be able to create this connection by following this guide. Cosmos-based chains will also be able to use IBC in order to integrate with Desmos profiles. For all developers that are interested in such thing they can read about it here.

Many more 📝

There are many more changes that will be included with this upgrade. If you want to read them all you can take a look at our changelog here.

Upgrade details 📥

As the last time, the upgrade will be handled via the on-chain governance mechanism. We have already submitted our upgrade proposal and it’s currently in the voting period which will last until July 08, 2021 07:15 UTC. If the proposal passes it will cause the upgrade to happen at height 1.045.650, approximately on Friday July 9th at 13:00 UTC.

If you are a Morpheus “Apollo” validator that already participated in the last upgrade, you should be good to go. Otherwise, if you are a new validator, we highly suggest you to setup Cosmovisor using this guide. This will ensure that your node is updated properly when the upgrade height is reached.

As always, we will provide help to anyone on our Discord server so make sure you join it if you need assistance.

Once again, we would like to thank our validators community that has shown an amazing support to our project. 🙏

We are only as strong as we are united, as weak as we are divided. — J.K. Rowling



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