I. Disarm the People

Nothing puts a damper on a reformer’s day like a populace that will not
embrace utopia. Of course, once dissenting voices are muzzled, the
objections become more like white noise an irritant but tolerable.
But — and this is an important but” — an armed citizenry can really play
havoc with your agenda and legacy. Perhaps most disheartening to the
reformer is the realization that armed resistance signifies that the people
might not totally appreciate all that you’re trying to do for them.
History teaches us that radically altering the social, political, and economic
order without first disarming the populace is untidy and risky. Most
citizens, given enough incentive, will get with the program. But why
chance it? An accelerating program of firearm restriction, registration,
taxation, and confiscation will do much to ensure a smooth transition to a
new era of social justice, equity, fraternity, and solidarity.
As you’re disarming the populace, it is important that you do not disarm
your own people. Easily enough said, but in the hustle and bustle of
reform, mix-ups can and do occur. Consider dressing your supporters in
colorful uniforms with shiny boots and distinctive armbands. This will avoid
confusion as well as foster a sense of unity among those who understand
your reforms. What if the armed forces of the government are staffed by volunteers? The short answer is to co-opt them through economic and medical enticements, which become dramatically more valuable as reform
progresses. The real solution takes time. Establish youth schools and get
them while they’re young — very young. To make certain that the rising
generation thinks the way you do about the relationship between the 
citizens and the state, you must make their former frame of reference
disappear. This is best achieved through indoctrination disguised as
education. Patience is key. Do not be one of those know-it-all who bets the farm on getting everything corrected all at once. That will only raise expectations among the people. A sullen and lethargic population is the friend your reform.

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