Glory Days: When Honda F1 Cars Actually Worked

1967 Honda RA300 (

Honda’s days in Formula 1 began in 1967, believe it or not. Lola and Honda partnered together to build the RA300. The team-up quickly got dubbed the “Hondola” by the press at the time. It had a V12 engine and John Surtees behind the wheel. It entered the 1967 World Championship late in the season at the famed Italian Grand Prix at Monza. The RA300 went on to win Monza on the last lap when race leader Jim Clark in his Lotus ran out of fuel. It’s still the only car to win it’s first ever race and lead only one lap. Honda never won another race with RA300. It’s highest finishing position being 4th at the season finale in Mexico.

Now, enough of the history lesson. Listen and watch the RA300 at the Goodwood Revival. Nothing compares to that V12 sound. Ah, the glory days of engines. 19bozzy92
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