What is Destination Driven?

Ferrari 355 Challenge

If you’re reading this I’m going to assume one of two things: You’re bored/lost and have stumbled upon this publication. Or you’re a bit of a car nut and are looking for new and intriguing information. I, of course, am very much the latter. My story is as old as time: of a boy who was introduced to cars at a young age.

Kyle Larson 2009

I started out at the dirt tracks of Southern California watching sprint cars and midgets “back it in” at places like Ventura, Perris and Santa Maria. As I grew older, my obsession grew with me and I looked out into the world of motorsports. There I found Indycar, Formula 1 and Sports car racing. During my teenage years obligations of school and sports took precedent. But the itch never really went away.

Smash cut to current times, the advancement of technology and information has made access to all things automotive infinitely more accessible. Then I found the YouTube channel that changed my outlook on motoring forever: www.petrolicous.com. It was like a well-fitting suit right off the rack. It just “worked”. I fell in love with their presentation, layout and cinematography. Cars were shot and shown the way a true gear head saw them. Beautifully. Passionately. But also with the other side of the automotive-coin. The cars were driven. Driven hard and often. Exactly the way I would do it, if I were ever fortunate enough. So with that, an idea was born. I wanted to put my two cents into the “car bucket”. Taking what I love from other places, what I learned from the way they do things, and putting my own spin on it was going to allow me to show my appreciation for the old and excitement for the new.

My appreciation for 911’s has grown significantly over the years

With that “Destination Driven” was born. So welcome to my little slice of gasoline powered internet. I hope you find the content to be intriguing, entertaining and thought provoking. My goal is to enlighten, educate and be your bathroom break of automotive escapism. I hope you enjoy and as always, please recommend to a friend, like and share. Facebook and Instagram pages coming soon. Thanks for your support and welcome to the paddock!

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